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119. Your First Time.... fear first time hard uncertainty worth it Jan 05, 2024

Key Points:

  • Your first time is the hardest
  • It's also the last time it will ever be that hard
  • Feel anticipation, excitement, fear, overwhelm - then you stop or do it anyway
  • Jon Acuff - "Fear is a Feeling, Afraid is a Choice"
  • Weight Loss Firsts
    • Make a plan
    • Put fork down and leave food behind
    • Pass...
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Afraid They'll Find Out diet mentality fear getting started Oct 04, 2023

Are you afraid your partner, family or friends will find out you are trying to lose weight, Again?


If you read that and thought who cares if they find out, then amazing. But that is an actual real concern many have, including me.


If you are in the category like I was, know I...

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80. The Pressure to Do It Right - Is It Stalling Your Weight Loss Progress? anxiety failure fear perfection weight loss stall May 12, 2023

The Pressure to Do It Right 

Is It Stalling Your Weight Loss Progress?


Do you often find yourself avoiding trying new things in your weight loss journey for fear of failure & overwhelm? Are you plagued with stress and anxiety caused by the pressure to do it right? You might be...

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