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Have your pies and weight loss too deprivation diet mentality pie plan special events Sep 12, 2023

Sometimes you just want pies for breakfast

I want to show you how "un-diet" like I really am. I was at a family reunion over the weekend, where my family all gathered and brought all the food. 


My cousin makes homemade, from scratch pies. The old me would have felt completely out...

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Summertime FOMO? fomo goals plan special events Jun 14, 2022

Summertime FOMO?

Do you have summer FOMO? You are not alone. I teach you how to enjoy your summer fun and lose weight. Make this the summer, the one you got it all. You will start practicing how to be a person who has lost weight while having all the fun.

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Managing the Holidays 11/2/2021 holiday special events weekend Nov 02, 2021

How to set an intention for the holidays and your weightloss.
How to plan when you don't know what will be served
How to handle holiday food gifts and treats
How to handle food pushers
Successful weightloss or management during the holidays
You cannot make someone else feel good or bad by eating their...

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