Imagine losing weight without hating the process or yourself?



At Concierge Weight Loss, you get a personalized solution that makes weight loss simple and doable.


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Can you imagine losing weight  without hating the process or yourself?


At Concierge Weight Loss, I create personalized solutions that are effective and feel doable so you are successful.







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It's Time to Break the Hoping & Quitting Cycle that's on repeat


How many times have you started a diet, went all in, excited, full of hope & motivation, sure this will be the time it works? Only to find yourself out of willpower and eating all the chips & ice cream at night time. Of course you'll "do better tomorrow." After a string of tomorrows and not following the plan it all just feels too hard so you quit again. Each time leaving you more defeated and feeling like a failure.
Traditional diets require you to follow a set of strict rules. The strict rules leave no room for mistakes and creates a predictable pattern requiring you to rely on willpower, that is just not sustainable.

You can lose weight without hating the process or yourself!

Every client gets a personalized program  designed to help them lose their weight for good. We'll address the underlying reasons why you overeat and set a plan and process that you won't feel you need relief or a break from. You'll build new sustainable habits and keep the weight off. 


Ready to break the diet cycle and try something actually sustainable?


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Your Transformation is Waiting



I'm Kara Hackleman,

a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach. I started dieting as a child with my mom. I wasn't even 11 years old yet and I had been on Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, and Richard Simmons videos. No matter what I tried, I kept gaining weight. I couldn't stick to a diet.


I tried everything. Every diet, every shake, every crazy exercise. Everything! Then in 2018, I had just enough hope & curiosity to try one last thing. I learned how to uncover why I was overeating, and that changed everything.


By dealing with the emotional reasons I overate, I was able to make small, permanent changes to my habits instead of trying to overhaul everything for some crazy new diet trend. Bit by bit, those changes added up. I was eating foods I loved, I just learned to eat them a little different. Each small change lead me to the next and all the way to where I am today with over 60 pounds lost.


My life and health have changed so much. The IBS &  autoimmune disease I suffered from have been virtually eliminated. I can hike without pain or asthma attacks, I enjoy CrossFit, and I feel capable of anything.


I can help you lose the weight for good - and create a life that you LOVE.

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What is "Concierge" Weight Loss

As a concierge weight loss service, I offer a custom-tailored approach to your weight loss journey.

Here's what sets me apart:



By offering a concierge weight loss service, I go above and beyond to deliver exceptional care, personalized attention, and tailored programs that cater to each client's unique needs. I am committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals while providing a premium experience throughout your journey.


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What is a Personalized Weight Loss Solutions Call?





  • We meet for 30 minutes to discuss your weight loss history and current goals.
  • Based on our conversation, I'll be able to tell you if you're a fit for my program.
  • Either way, you'll leave the call knowing the first step to losing your weight for good.
  • This call is free and can be done over Zoom or by phone. 







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